Treasure Quest Value List

If you have just started playing Treasure Quest and wish to trade items then chances are high that you might not get the desired price.

To get a fair price, you must know the value of every item available in Roblox Treasure Quest. To make your work easier, we have created a Treasure Quest trading values list to help you get a fair price for the item you wish to trade.

Without any further ado, let’s get started:

Treasure Quest Trading Values List (2023)

Irrespective of whether you fight a Wizard, Warrior or Archer, you need to equip certain items. There are multiple items in Treasure Quest that can’t be obtained instantly.

If you don’t want to waste your valuable time playing this game for hours to get a specific item then I recommend you to use Treasure Quest’s Trading feature.

The best thing about this feature is you can get any item instantly by simply paying a certain price in the form of in-game currency or item.

Our Treasure Quest trading values list will help find the exact value of every item available in the game.

  • White Sparkle Time — Value: NA
  • Spookyrie — Value: 150 Ultimates
  • Ghosdeeri — Value: 100 Ultimates
  • Warlock  Value: 90 Ultimates
  • Dark Pumpkin Staff — Value: 85 Ultimates
  • Light Pumpkin Staff — Value: 80 Ultimates
  • Caprice Ears — Value: 330 Ultimates
  • Yolk Caster — Value: 300 Ultimates
  • Dyed Egg Cas — Value: 270 Ultimates
  • Doomsekkar — Value: 250 Ultimates
  • Candy Corn Chainsword — Value: 45 Ultimates
  • Eerie Saber — Value: 40 Ultimates
  • Monstruosus — Value: 55 Ultimates
  • Toxic Pumpkin Staff — Value: 60 Ultimates
  • Eggbeater — Value: 70 Ultimates